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BTS of Future Exit’s Strangers 3D Music Cover Design

We are The Hyphn, a creative studio that loves to create stunning 3D graphics and animations for music projects. We have recently worked with [Future Exit], a synthwave duo that released their album [Strangers] in 2023. We are proud to share with you the process and the result of our collaboration.

Music Cover

We wanted to create a 3D Music Cover that reflects the style and the mood of the music, which is inspired by retro-futuristic and cyberpunk themes. We decided to go for a dark and futuristic cityscape, with neon lights and digital billboards that create a contrast with the gloomy atmosphere. We also wanted to show the two members of [Future Exit] as silhouettes in the foreground, looking at the horizon with a sense of mystery and anticipation. We chose a retro font for the title of the album, to match the synthwave vibe.

To create the 3D Music Cover, we used various software and techniques, such as Blender, Cinema 4D, Photoshop, and After Effects. We started by modeling the buildings and the streets in 3D, using realistic textures and lighting effects to give depth and realism to the environment. We then added some details like flying cars, holograms, and smoke to enhance the mood. We also designed the characters and their outfits, using references from cyberpunk and sci-fi movies and games.

Music Cover Design

We were not only satisfied with creating a static image, but we also wanted to make it dynamic and immersive. We made a short video teaser for the album, where we animated the camera movements and the billboards to create a sense of motion and excitement. You can watch the video on our website or on our Instagram account.

We are happy that [Future Exit] loved our work and that their fans appreciated it as well. We think that a good 3D Music Cover can make a big difference in attracting attention and creating curiosity. That’s why we are always looking for new challenges and opportunities to work with talented musicians and help them create unique and memorable covers.

Album Cover design

If you are interested in collaborating with us for your next 3D Music Cover design, you can [contact us] through our website [] or email us at []. We will be happy to discuss your ideas and vision, and help you create a cover that will stand out from the crowd.

You can also follow us on Instagram [@thehyphn] and [@hyphnstudios] to stay updated with our daily practices and amazing contents. We post regularly about our projects, inspirations, tips, and tutorials. You can also see some of our other works, such as logos, posters, flyers, illustrations, and more.

We are [The Hyphn], a studio that combines creativity, technology, and passion to produce stunning [3D] [graphics] and [animations]. We love what we do and we hope you do too. 😊


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