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Welcome to The Hyphn

The HYPHN is an independent studio founded by digital-age creatives who bridge the gap between art and technology. We believe that exceptional design has the power to transform businesses and elevate brands to new heights. Our journey began in 2020 as a duo, focused on daily renders and skill diversification. Since then, we’ve evolved from relatively unknown artists to THE HYPHN. Our team of enthusiastic designers is committed to making a meaningful impact in the design industry, bringing unique expertise and perspectives to every project.


projects & ideas, brought to life with meaningful visuals & elegance.


hours invested in crafting the best visual experiences & still counting.


brands & peoples across the globe, unique styles, united by design.

How it all began?

​We started as a duo in 2020 to put out daily renders and diversify our skills. Since then we have never looked back and ascended the journey from relatively unknown artists to THE HYPHN.  Our journey began with a small team of enthusiastic designers who were determined to make a difference in the design industry. Over the years, we have grown into a dynamic and talented team of creatives, each bringing unique expertise and perspectives to the table.



Visual designer by day & a musician at night, specializing in art direction & brand design. Medium doesn't bother me, I incorporate different styles to reach my end goal.

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A 3D generalist, specializing in style frames & motion design. I like to tell stories with every visual I make cause there's a meaning behind everything.

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Head of Marketing

A marketer filled with enthusiasm and a lot of passion to build and create. I like to craft visions into campaigns. From pixels to people, I weave stories that captivate and convert.

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3D Lead


I diversify from environment design to rigging & everything in between, believe me it’s not a lot. I speak fluent sarcasm! Btw anime & fitness interests me.

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3D Generalist

Moving objects may sound boring but if you can move what one can imagine well that is something I am good at! Whether it be an animal, fantasy creature, or custom machine. It'll groove!

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Graphic Designer

An Artist who transcends the boundaries of 3D arts and 2D design aesthetics, in pursuit of excellence in both domains.

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Creative Director

Photographer-Videographer-Producer-Creative Director-Writer, as a multi-hyphenate, I am obsessed with storytelling and finding the most convincing medium to express them.

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Tech Partner

With over 6+ years in UI/UX, he has worked with emerging startups and businesses in Dubai, Bhopal, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, etc.

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Meet the team!

Behind every successful project at The Hyphn is a dedicated team of designers, artists & developers.

Insights from The Hyphn

Our amazing team of designers shares their skills and experiences, opening up a wealth of information for you to explore.

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