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Poppy and Joyful Juice Packaging Design for Spring Drinks

Spring Drinks: A Refreshing and [Vibrant Packaging Design] by [The Hyphn], Spring is the season of renewal, growth, and joy. It’s also the perfect time to enjoy some delicious and healthy juices that can boost your energy and mood. That’s why we at The Hyphn, a design and animation studio, were thrilled to work on a [packaging design] project for Spring Drinks, a new juice brand that offers a range of vibrant Flavors.

Product Range

Spring Drinks wanted to create a [packaging design] that would reflect their brand values: fresh, natural, and fun. They also wanted to stand out from the crowded juice market and appeal to young and adventurous [consumers]. We took on the challenge and came up with a poppy, creative, and [minimalistic] can design that showcases the [product’s] ingredients and personality.

Produst Design

The main feature of our [packaging design] is the illustrated patterns that reveal what’s inside each can. We used bright and contrasting colors to create a punchy and playful effect. We also designed a custom [typography] and [Letter mark logo] for Spring Drinks, using simple and rounded shapes that evoke a sense of friendliness and happiness.

SodaCan Packaging design

One of the most fun and challenging aspects of our packaging design for Spring Drinks was to create characters made out of the fruit Flavors. We wanted to give each can a unique and lively personality that would match the product’s taste and mood. For example, we made a smiling apple with a leaf on its head for the apple flavor, a cheerful pineapple line character, and a cute strawberry with a pinkish color and a smile for the strawberry flavor.

Can Packaging design

We used simple and expressive shapes to create these characters, and we added some details like eyes, mouths, and accessories to make them more appealing and relatable. We think these characters add a lot of charm and fun to our packaging design, and we hope they make you feel happy too.

The result is a packaging design that catches the eye and invites the consumer to try something new and exciting. Each flavor has its own identity and mood, but they all share the same Spring Drinks spirit. Whether it’s apple, pineapple, or strawberry, you can be sure that you’re getting a refreshing and natural juice that will make you smile.

Product Packaging

We are very proud of our work for Spring Drinks and we hope you like it too. If you want to see more of our design projects or learn more about our studio, please visit our website or follow us on [Instagram] @thehyphn and @hyphnstudios.

And if you need a packaging design for your own product, don’t hesitate to contact us at, We’d love to hear from you!


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