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Stunning Packaging Design for VAAMA

VAAMA is a company that produces high-quality dyes and pigments made with mica and earth pigments. These pearl pigments are used for a wide variety of arts and crafts, such as epoxy earrings, acrylic paintings, screen printing, and cosmetics. They are non-toxic, safe for the skin, and cruelty-free.

The Hyphn is a creative agency that specializes in branding and packaging design. They were hired by VAAMA to create a packaging design that would showcase the beauty and versatility of their products, as well as reflect their values of sustainability and innovation.

Packaging Design

We started by researching the market and the target audience of VAAMA. We found out that most of the existing packaging designs for dyes and pigments were either too plain or too flashy, lacking a balance between functionality and aesthetics. We also learned that the customers of VAAMA were mostly hobbyists, artists, and crafters who valued quality, creativity, and eco-friendliness.

Based on these insights, We decided to create a packaging design that would stand out from the crowd, but also blend in with the natural environment. We chose a minimalist approach, using white as the base colour and adding subtle hints of metallic colours to represent the different shades of mica and earth pigments.

We also paid attention to the details of the packaging design, such as the shape, size, material, and label of the containers. We opted for cylindrical tubes made of recycled cardboard, which were easy to store, transport, and use. We also designed clear labels that showed the name, ingredients, and instructions of each product.

The result was a packaging design that was elegant, modern, and eco-friendly. It captured the essence of VAAMA’s products and [brand identity], while also appealing to their customers’ preferences and needs. The [packaging design] was well-received by both VAAMA and their customers, who praised it for its beauty and functionality.

Packaging Design

We demonstrated their expertise and creativity in creating a packaging design for VAAMA. They showed how a packaging design can be more than just a container for a [product]; it can also be a powerful tool for communication and marketing. By using mica and earth pigments as inspiration, they created a packaging design that was not only stunning, but also sustainable and innovative.

If you are looking for a packaging design that will make your brand stand out, you should us today at [The Hyphn]. We are a creative agency that can help you create the best packaging for your products, whether they are dyes, pigments, cosmetics, or anything else.

We have a team of talented designers who can create stunning [3D renders] and mock-ups of your [packaging design]. We can also help you with the [branding], [logo], [colour scheme], and [typography] of your [packaging design]. We will work with you to understand your vision, goals, and budget, and deliver a [packaging design] that will exceed your expectations.

The Hyphn has a portfolio of impressive works that you can check out on their website [] or on their Instagram accounts [@thehyphn] and [@hyphnstudios]. You will see how We have created [packaging designs] for various clients such as i-Villa, Leafy Lane, Natura, Gamut, Fiona.


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